Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27

I wrote 626 words today on my all new story that I started on my Blackmare Lake trip.

What's Playing in Your Head?

On my last hiking trip I asked my husband if he has a soundtrack in his head while he hikes. See, I tend to repeat a song in my head, over and over, while I'm hiking. I adapt it to the beat of my steps. I repeat only the lyrics I know or make up my own or listen to an instrumental version. If I'm actively thinking, talking to myself silently, then the music quiets, sometimes. But as soon as my train of thought stops, the music is there again. 

I did consider that this might be a natural thing, something that happens to everyone, but I know that I can be a bit strange. So I asked my husband, who can also be strange, but usually in different ways. 

Apparently, this is not one of the strangenesses that we share. 

And so I shared with him, throughout that trip, the music playing on repeat in my head. I keep meaning to write down all the songs that pop through my head when I'm hiking, but I never get around to it, and I usually forget them by the time I'm home. Talking about them to my husband has helped me retain a smattering. 

One of the songs I tend to get when I'm near the beginning of a trip is "Run" by Collective Soul, because it has a line about having a long way to run. And that tries to slip into "Ways to Go" by Grouplove, because I like that song, but I can never remember the tune while I'm on the trail and it fades out. 

When I was hiking up the start of the Blackmare No Trail, I had "Frosty the Snowman" on. I don't know why. There wasn't any snow in sight. That transitioned, naturally, to "O Canada." (I do watch a lot of hockey.) That took me through to the next ridge, where, on the descent, I had an elevator music version of "The Girl from Ipanema" going, perhaps as a result of the cautious steps I had to take going down the steep, unkept trail. 

And even when we weren't hiking, I still had songs running through my head on repeat. Sunday morning started with a persistent rendition of "Heartbreak Beat" by The Psychedelic Furs, which only went away when it was replaced by the "Main Theme from Star Trek: Voyager." (My husband wanted to hear how that one went and I gave him a humming rendition that he quite enjoyed. But I suspect he only asked to hear it because he didn't believe that I was listening to it in my head.)

On the way back to the car the next day, and I know this was because of the clouds of mosquitoes that I was hiking through (I think I inhaled one), I got Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" going and replaced the words to part of it: "Eaten alive again in mosquitoville/ wishing I had more repellent on me/ some people say that there's a woman to blame/ well, they're right/ only females bite" 

Mosquitoville doesn't quite scan, but it got me through the hike pretty well, interspersed with "Little April Shower" from Bambi

And no. It wasn't raining. But I may have been drip drip dropping sweat... 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July 22-26

July 22
267 words

July 23
306 words

July 24
440 words

July 25
500 words

July 26
512 words

I started a new story on my backpacking trip up to Blackmare Lake. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far, as is clear from the more than required backpacking word counts. I'm in a hurry this week preparing for my solo hike next week, so it will be a challenge to get my words done every day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21

I wrote 684 words on my old story and finished it.

Just over 40,000 words. I guess that's a short novel. Cool. I'm going backpacking tomorrow so the next post will be Monday. Or maybe Tuesday. But the writing will continue.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July 20

I wrote 580 words on my old story today.

I'm trying to write up my last backpacking trip before I go on my next backpacking trip so the fiction words are minimal.

The End Is Near

At least, I hope the end is near. I feel like the end is near. For my old story, the one I started a long time ago and am now powering on to a finish. I think.

I know that it's going to take practice, many stories and many attempts, to really know when a story is heading to its (hopefully) inevitable and (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. So it's good that I'm finishing this, however it turns out to be.

But my inner critic is trying to stop the process. Yelling as I write on about how the story isn't very good and the characters aren't consistent and the tone is all over the place and how do I expect anyone to believe anything that I've written? That voice is afraid, and I think it's because I'm close to finishing. Otherwise, why would that little voice in my head even care?

On the one hand, I'm really proud of keeping up with my fiction writing every day so far this summer. Even when backpacking, even with all the crazy exercising I'm doing and the work that never seems to end for my job, I'm getting those words in.

On the other hand, I'm only getting small amounts of words in every day. And my inner critic cries out at that low output with a condescending sneer. 'Oh, sure, you're writing every day, but you're hardly finishing anything and your stories grow at a snail's pace!'

And I do my best to ignore that voice and all its myriad complaints and I write on.

Because the end of the story is near.